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How I got here 

I am not a life long photographer nor am I a lifelong reader, I got here through investing in real estate

In 2013 I realized that for my life to have any real meaning I would need freedom. I needed to get out of the month-to-month financial struggle that I, like most Americans, was living and create a unique existence for myself. I learned how to buy rental properties through a podcast called "BiggerPockets" and it worked! Around the same time I had this feeling that I would like photography if I really learned and stuck with it, so I did that too and it also worked.

In 2017 I created a blog to help people buy rental real estate called "Broke is a Choice". I had created financial freedom for myself and I wanted to share that path with other people, along with other self improvement ventures such as reading difficult books about economics and philosophy. Over time that site became more and more of a personal photoblog and I decided to abandon that name and only share here.

Who is Alex

I'm a real estate investor turned photographer. I am the most extroverted person on earth. I'm very intense, I don't care for small talk, I speak very directly, shit talk is my love language. and while I'm a little rough around the edges my ultimate goal is to make the lives of every human I come in contact with better in whatever way I'm able 

People and cameras are my 2 favorite things on earth, followed closely by my fiance Miss Kate, then old books written by long dead philosophers, world travel, and weightlifting


I have a weird thing with pictures. Great pictures capture singular instances of life that can't be replicated, moments that can't be explained by words alone, or glimpses into a person's life that they themselves don't see. I look at everyone as awesome in their own way and I love sharing that with them and the world. I also have a useless memory so pictures are how I remember how awesome my own life is 

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