Having Life and Lens on board for your media needs means you no longer have to worry about capturing moments and can simply enjoy them while feeling confident that we can capture your best memories.

You'll also get your media back fast and some of your images we will be able to deliver instantly. Media moves fast, you want to share things fast, and we want to facilitate that.

We make payments easy, we make booking easy, and make your life events FUN. 


We aren't shy photographers who hide in the background and take pictures of strangers. We love to interact with the communities and create genuine moments of fun and excitement that you'll want to see.


Our background is in real estate investing so we don't just capture images of strangers from afar, we take photos of people as we meet and make friends. Many corporate photographers take the bare minimum shot list and leave at 5pm but we will bring the camera to after-parties, off-site gatherings, and spend time with your guests to capture a much more intimate story of the event. 

We have photographed notable events like BiggerPockets, Fincon, and the Best Ever Conference. 



Are you hosting a networking retreat and need high quality media? We want to help!

Team trips and retreats are special moments in life that you want to enjoy and remember, maybe you want to share the event on social media, maybe you want to encourage people to come next year, but you want to do it with photos and videos that are compelling and make you look good. 



Beyond business, we genuinely like to use our talents to live our lives to the fullest. We know you are too, and we want to capture that for you.  

Whether it's something personal you do that you want to show the world, a special event, or a unique trip you want to remember, Life and Lens can help you make it special. We love telling incredible human stories of all kinds and would love to work together to create something memorable.