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The beginning of "A Better Life with Brandon Turner"

Updated: Mar 23

I know a guy who hosted a very famous podcast for 10 years. That show taught me and millions of other people how to invest in real estate and create financial freedom for themselves. With my freedom I decided to learn photography, travel the world, and tell stories about fascinating people with my camera.

Last year, in a bizarre set of cosmic coincidences I ended up befriending that guy and he asked me to help him build an epic new podcast. I felt like this is my chance to repay the universe for the gifts it's given me and to hopefully give the same gifts to the next person.

This weekend we flew to LA and filmed our first episodes, it was a big project to say the least. We produced 5 episodes in only 3 days, I moved the production to 3 different locations, I covered 2 parties with my camera, recorded 1.5TB of audio and video, and took 2900 pictures. I'm at the limit of my comfort zone and skills, I'm working as hard as I possibly can to create the best looking podcast that the internet has ever seen, and I'm aiming to be a force for good for as many people as possible along the way

This is how "A Better Life with Brandon Turner" begins....

Brandon at the airport waiting to get picked up

We arrived on a Thursday night and went to this studio early the next morning to set up where met and interviewed the incredible Erwin McManus, a true philosopher and great human being.

I was worried about this whole weekend but when I saw this shot I began to have hope

Doing little things you're scared of until you get over them allows you try harder things. This is counterintuitive because no one doing things they are scared of....that's what the word scary means! Yet success in all areas of life comes from constantly moving towards our fears, it's a simple but annoying truth of life

This weekend was scary for me

Whoever sends me the best caption for this image gets a shoutout on Brandon's Instagram

After recording we walked around a bit and found some bookstores because bookstores are magical places. This one used to be a bank and inside its old vault was a small room of historical books where most of the shelves were filed with hundreds of and hundreds of "American Federal Tax Reports".

Interesting right?

On Friday morning we went to the studio, this was the first studio I've ever rented so I had no idea how this would go or if it would look any good. I brought 7 bags of camera gear on an airplane and Stetson rented us the table, which was unreasonably heavy

We left quite early in the morning

First setup went mostly smooth, the sunlight was casting beautiful long shadows, the rustic walls were perfect. I wanted to come here and create ART and it was at this moment that I started to feel like I was succeeding.

Next we interviewed the extremely powerful Jon Gordon. Did you know this guy has written 27 books? Incredible

Here are two different versions of Brandon Turner

Unnecessarily silly, and trying very hard to be serious

....he's bad at both

Steve Chou runs a website called My Wife Quit Her Job and he was a tremendous guest for us. He gave us pragmatic and actionable advice and gave my camera a great smile to capture ;)

I LOVED creating this podcast set. I really feel like I'm at the forefront of a big movement where people start putting money into content production to look and sound their best. I want to create a future that blends art and entrepreneurship in new ways, conversations that can change lives but are also in visually stunning places. If this is just my first try then I believe I can create that future

This is Stetson.

If you want to be on the show, you need to go through him. A logistics rockstar, a master of hospitality, and true team player

Last recording of the day was Adel Sayegh

His story was filled with war, hardship, and the power of belief

(Here is an inside look into my secret super power....)

Fist bump!
Create <3

Next up we went to Lewis Howes birthday party. Lewis recently published a new book called "The Greatest Mindset" which quickly became a New York Times Bestseller.

I won't post too many pictures of that party since it was a private event, but we did have our dear friends at Kiawe outdoor prepare dinner and I must include pictures of that. Kiawe does these epic feasts that my words alone can't explain, they cook for 18 hours, provide 5 course meals, they design the sets, and they feed 40 people at a time. These events are out of this world.

Yeshua and Trish, the hosts of Kiawe