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I moved to Las Vegas knowing it would be a good move, and it’s been far better than I thought.

Where next Feel like it’s too late to move to Las Vegas and you missed the rush? It’s certainly harder than it was 18 months ago. Houses are gone inside of 72 hours and going for well over asking price now, it’s a brutal fight to buy an average home right now. So where else is there to go? Denver – Denver is a great choice! When I started my search it was my first choice, but it’s also on the upswing already so I couldn’t’ get in early. The second was that it was just too cold for me. If you’re looking for growth, Denver fits many of the benefits I listed and has a long road of prosperity ahead Nashville – If I had to move again today, Nashville is where I would go. It’s in the south I know, which is horrible but Nashville is a large and respectable city so shouldn’t’ be too bad. It’s insulated from climate change fairly well, low cost of living, and poised for massive growth. Phoenix – Similar to Vegas! It’s growing, it’s got a great long-term forecast and it’s well established. Phoenix, like Las Vegas, has a strict no-snow policy so you don’t need to worry about investing in heavy winter jackets! Wherever Amazon HQ2 lands – What did we talk about in regards to letting other people do market research? Amazon is spending a lot of time and energy to find just the right place when they announce it, you might want to jump. People don’t all get up and move at once to capitalize on an opportunity, they filter in as it becomes more apparent. If you’re paying attention you can get in on the upswing of new developments without needing inside knowledge. Wherever Amazon chooses will likely be a good place to follow. There are exceptions however, Toronto is a current leader which I wouldn’t recommend and Washington DC as well. These places are overcrowded and overpriced, these are not underdog cities you can jump into and ride the wave. If Amazon goes to Raleigh though, I would jump on it quickly.

Summary Deciding where to live is important. Most people die within 50 miles of where they were born, If you live where you were born then you didn’t choose it! It may be a good location or it may not, find out and then make a decision to live there or not, don’t stay out of comfort if it’s not lucrative. Live in a place that can maximize the strategy you build for yourself. If you live in New York City or Los Angeles and you’re struggling, LEAVE! Come back when you can more easily afford it. Paying the high cost of living for no reason other than complacency is a mistake and one that can be fixed. It’s important we all live in a city we have chosen and for valid reasons, winging it is relying on luck, and luck is fickle.

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