Real Estate Hackers 2021

This was the first conference we attended since Covid19, I can barely express my excitement.

Myself, Shelby, Bob Sleeves, and Mike Glaspie took an 8 hour road trip from Fayetteville NC to Lancaster PA to attend the Real Estate Hackers conference. We all love conferences and I love to capture them on camera, so ahead is an unnecessarily long and nuanced recap of my time at this event.

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Despite our drive being a non-stop talk-a-thon, because everyone in the car is a conversation hog, we arrived in Lancaster motivated and ready to make friends

We immediately ran into our friends Erik Cabral and Josh Cary. I met Erik at BiggerPockets Conference 2019 and we became fast friends...Josh is just ok.

The work for a fantastic brand creation and production startup called OnAirBrands.

The guy on the right is Josh McCallen, Josh owns and runs a luxury boutique hotel and Winery in New Jersey called Renault Winery. I've been there and to say it's breathtaking would be an understatement.

Josh always seems a little suspicious of me because I'm known to drive long distances to be at these events and don't seem to want anything from them and he can't accept that I just like people for the sake of them. If I had did have a secret motive it would be this: I'm waiting for him to do something embarrassing on camera so I can roast him on this blog.

Bob Sleeves used to be king of the butt-chinned nerds but now he's sporting this sick beard instead. A welcome upgrade in my opinion.

Chad Gallagher is the host of the Real Estate Hackers podcast, he also started the Slatehouse group property management, AND Real Estate Hackers is the first conference he put together and it was incredible, this is a very impressive human being.

I always take pictures of churches

On the top is a picture of Shelby correcting me. She doesn't get to make it often.

Our old friend from Fayetteville Brett Campbell met us in PA which was awesome. Part of the reason I love this community is because you get to stick with people for so long.

Rocky Lavani is also pictured here. Rocky and I became friends on the internet a while ago and this was the first time we met in person, he was a very influential figure in our group this weekend.

Downtown Lancaster at sunset is lovely



It begins!!!

The production team!

Erik, Chad, and Judah

The speaker list was incredible


Whitney Sewell runs a daily podcast about multifamily syndications, he had me on his show a few months back and it's had a tremendous positive response for me. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and to meet the guy in person.

Like most of my interactions I talked way too much at Whitney when I should have been listening, this is an ongoing negative trend of mine.....I'm working on it.

After knowing Eric for ~3 years I'm pretty sure this is his only pose.

We got to sing happy birthday to Chad wife Ashleigh which was delightful

PodMax is a company that gets people ready for podcasts, gets them on podcasts, and gets podcast hosts ready for people, then connects them in an event format.

Shelby took this great image of me at peak ridiculous: pink shirt, curly mohawk, at the front thinking I can teach people something, and an obnoxious smug look on my face.



We took a little walk to get food and saw a little more downtown Lancaster

Rocky spent most of the weekend with our little group and I am extremely grateful for this. He was dispensing some high level wisdom to us and much of it came at the right time in my (our) lives. This is what I love about these events, you never know who you'll meet but the likelihood of meeting someone incredible is actually very high.

The speakers had a fancy dinner and delicious dinner

Shelby loves to have a few drinks, get rowdy, and debate....and by that I mean she has one drink and right when she starts to become a little fun she goes home for bed, usually around 830pm. It's easily the thing that annoys me most about her.

The PodMax crew

This is Real Estate Hackers conference 2021!

This is what it looks like when you're talking to Erik:

Him not listening

Him pretending he didn't hear you

Last night with the boys



Every time I photograph a conference I like to pull someone aside for an hour and make a model out of them. Meredith was a fantastic sport about it and the pictures really capture her confidence.



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