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Real estate investor networking on Maui is blowing up

Updated: 4 days ago

The island of Maui is isolating.

It's 2 time zones from LA, and 6 time zones from the east coast, it's a ~6 hour flight from LAX, the houses here are very expensive, the population is small and the culture is not very commerce focused. It seems like an unlikely meeting place for business owners who are looking for growth

...and yet, it seems that high level real estate investors are constantly descending upon on this place to hang out and network

I think this happens for 3 reasons:

  1. The weather here is literally perfect every single day and the scenery is gorgeous. I feel guilty telling other people what it's really like here because it's more perfect than even seems possible

  2. I live here and since I'm the coolest guy around everyone flocks to me in desperate hope that some of my awesome to spread onto them AND most real estate investors are deep narcissists who want to look good on camera (my photography niche just happens to be narcissists)

  3. Brandon Turner lives here I think

Yesterday, for no reason other than I'm the luckiest guy on earth I got to spend the morning with my camera and 33 real estate investors, 32 of whom I get to call friends, and 1 of them is Cameron Cathcart.

If you want to meet and build relationships with world class real estate investors - start thinking about coming to Maui. This trend is growing