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Shelby Osborne, my nemesis

Shelby is a real estate investor

Shelby is a perpetual optimist

Shelby is highly ambitious

Shelby is an obscene narcissist.

does this sound like anyone else you can't help but to love???? We met because we both work in real estate in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She's nowhere near as good at it as me but it's adorable to watch her try. We hung out a few times at conferences but when I moved back to NC we started hanging out a lot more.

Shelby and I travel in similar social circles so I've been getting great shots of her at different locations for a while now.  Here she is at the fabulous Gaylord Opreyland hotel in Nashville that we attended for BPcon2019. She is always ready and happy to be photographed, so as a photographer this basically makes us inseparable.

What if everything you think you know, isn't quite what it seems.

She has a level of confidence that doesn't seem to have any ceiling. She never uses this strength to bring people down but she constantly uses it to bring people up. She's never purposefully intimidating and she's always inspiring. This is the type of person you want to surround yourself with, someone who makes absolutely everything seem possible. Around Shelby you just feel able to "transform the chaos of potential into the realities of habitable order" - Jordan Peterson

She's athletic too, what is this chick NOT good at?

This tree is a few hundred years old

She loves nature and she's a rule breaker. You're not supposed to climb on that tree but she didn't even stop to consider that, she just scrambled up there. Anyone who is a rebel at heart, has a place in mine.

Don't try to predict me bro

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