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We did it!

WE DID IT!! This was our catch phrase for the week and I have no idea how that happened, but I love it so much and I suggest everyone on earth use it for every accomplishment you have, big or small. This is a story about a quick weekend trip I had in Las Vegas. There isn't much value for me to add to real estate investors here other than to showcase the power of networking. Real estate is about people first (in my opinion) asd I love to tell stories about people so occasionally I make little photo blogs about people.

Website  FB Group Mastermind (which I'm a part of and I couldn't have closed my 52 unit without this!) Podcast

Justin Cambra, a guy I don't know as well but seems awesome. A fellow real estate investor and a perpetual smiler.


Shelby Lone Mountain is cool but Red Rock Canyon is on a whole other level, so we went there the next morning

Beautiful Investments Shelby is basically an infant. She eats, she pees, she naps, and she does little else. and when it's time to do one of those things, she does them immediately or gets fussy. Here is a picture of what happens when she needs a nap but we were at a restaurant in the middle of the city.

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