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If you want someone to HATE, Lexi and Cameron Cathcart are who you are looking for

Of the brothers Cain and Abel, Abel was the favored son. Abel represents the good, and for this reason alone Cain killed him. Abel did not wrong him in any way, there was no fit of rage, it was done purely out of petty jealousy.

There is no explanation given for why Abel was the favored son over Cain and I'm pretty sure that's the whole point. It displays a deep human tendency to feel jealousy, anger, and spite, regardless of what has been fairly earned, towards people who seem to have it better than us. The better a persons life, the more jealous it makes us.

So, if you're a regular human being riddled with petty jealousy and hatred for those who are doing better in life than you then there is no one easier to hate than Lexi and Cam.

This is the day I met them.

Miss Kate and I were visiting Maui and we went paddle boarding with them and a mutual friend. It's sort of hard to get to know someone for the very first time when you're paddle boarding on the ocean so I can't say I got a great sense of who they were but they seemed friendly, happy, fun, optimistic, and they laughed a lot, so obviously my overall feeling when I left was that I definitely didn't like them.

A few days later we hung out again at PoliPoli where I also didn't get to know them very well because they kept making their kids a priority, a very annoying trend of theirs.

Like most people I know our stories merge because of real estate investing. Like many of us they were basically broke, found real estate, tried to rehab some houses and in their very first year they flipped 80 homes, which is absolutely incredible even by high standards. They aren't arrogant about this in any way, which is infuriating.

Over the next 2 months we would spend a lot of time with them. They bring zero drama or stress to our or anyone's lives, they have a super abundant mindset and are happy to share their success with the world, teach their business strategy to anyone who would want to know it, and they are happy for anyone else who has their own success. Their kids are well behaved and they have good values, they don't have a single obvious flaw.

I so badly want to destroy them

This week we recorded a podcast together and I got to listen to their story in a much deeper way and really understand who they are and how they got to where they are.

They met when they were in middle school and have been together since then, the pinnacle of perfect relationships. Their business runs well because they both do tasks they are good at and the other isn't, so they don't ever fight about it. During the show we talked about relationships and Lexi notably says "I'm a big fan of Cam, always have been" and Cam says "I wake up every day and pinch myself that I could be so lucky to marry Lexi". They express nonstop gratitude for each other, they talk extremely highly of each other, they are ambitious, and committed.

I'm pretty sure they are frauds, I just haven't figured out HOW yet....

I took this image. It wasn't from a photoshoot, I didn't use any special lights or gear, this is just us on the deck on a random afternoon. They aren't particularly dressed up, I didn't do any fancy editing, they just showed up and look perfect like this. They didn't necessarily smile for the camera, they just smile like this because they can't stop being happy. It's so obnoxious!

No one should get to be this perfect therefor I encourage everyone who reads this to hate them with all of your heart.

I have tried to do so and against my wishes I just cannot hate them myself, but maybe you can

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