Mulitfamily Syndicators

Life and Lens fills an extremely unique niche. Alex is the only experienced videographer that has also been the lead GP on a multifamily syndication.

There is a massive opportunity for operators to create compelling and unique video media that can establish yourself as an industry leader and raise capital from private investors.

The Derosa Group

This video was made for the Derosa Capital 15 project. A fund that consisted of 5 apartment buildings across 2 states and a total raise of $25MM of investor capital.

Climb Capital

This video was produced to raise 20MM for their Campfire Fund, a fund designed to buy RV parks across the sunbelt and southeastern US. 

(Also, I make a cameo!)

The Derosa Group

Matt Faircloth and his team used this video to raise $6MM on this Winston Salem project.